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Storage Guide – Security

Are there alarms? What is the entry process? Are there security cameras? Do you have the only keys to your unit?  Since your property has value to you, you want to make sure that it is safe, clean and dry. That makes furnaces and air conditioners and dehumidifiers a must.

At Climate Control Indoor Storage we do things a little differently; for good reason. We are open 62 hours a week. We have helpful, friendly staff on duty during these hours. You are safe and the building is active. When we close, we are locked down; no one is admitted. We feel this is better than being accessible 24 hours a day when security can be breached.

We will hold an extra key for you if you wish, but we prefer not to.

We are lucky to have the Kroger grocery next door. It has bright lights shining on our building and customer traffic all night long. It’s great security.

It is agreed in the lease that we do not insure a customer’s property and that they must look to their own insurer for coverage. Our staff is constantly circulating throughout the building to spot any problems quickly. If we should see a problem, and we cannot contact you, we ask your permission to enter your unit and solve the problem. Regardless, you should visit your unit monthly to check everything.

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