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Storage Guide – Storage Access

Getting in and out of your storage unit should be safe and convenient.

When choosing a storage facility, look to see if you will be safe and comfortable while loading and unloading your property. You will never be alone in our building, staff is always present. What equipment is on hand to help you move your property? If you are unable to move your own possessions, can the storage people assist? What is the additional cost, if any?


All access to the units at Climate Control Indoor Storage is from within the building. We ask that you sign in at the front desk; that way we know who is in the building. You can then access your unit through any exterior door or the indoor loading garage, all of which have security cameras. All entrances are in open, well lighted areas & you can back right up to the exterior doors. Inside, we have 3’x 5′ four wheel hand carts to move items to and from your unit. A hydraulic pallet mover is available for large truck deliveries to the elevated, indoor loading dock. All units are on one ground level floor. We are happy to assist in small ways and can arrange paid help if you need it. We also have a forklift to help you unload heavy, bulky items.

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