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How to Pack like a PRO!

Once you have made your selection of a storage facility based on security measures, accessibility, suitability, size of unit, climate control, maintenance, contractual provisions, and free services, you must pack!

It is always wise to take an inventory of the value of items you store. It is wise to tell your insurance agent that you are storing off premises.



Follow these helpful tips to get your items packed and ready to store!


  • Use sturdy boxes for everything you can.
  • Fill boxes to make them rigid, but don’t fill until they are too heavy to carry.
  • Stack boxes only about 3 levels high so they don’t collapse of their own weight.
  • Label all boxes so they can be retrieved easily. Mark “fragile” as needed.
  • Make sure all stored items are dry when they are stored.
  • Use pallets to allow air circulation under your possessions.
  • Keep refrigerator doors ajar during storage. Drain washing machines if stored outdoors.
  • Bubble wrap fragile items.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothes.
  • Couches and beds can be stored on end to save space.
  • Drain all fuel tanks before storing. The fuel can’t be disposed of at the storage facility.
  • Use oil spray to coat metal susceptible to rust. Oil leather goods. Remove vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Ask if the facility has a special safe for irreplaceable items such as family photos, etc.
  • Use dresser drawers and cabinets to put things in to conserve space.
  • The unit you are renting should be clean when you lease it. It is all right to put down a plastic barrier, but pallets are better.
  • Ask if the storage facility has equipment available to help move your unusual items.
  • Store big, heavy things first. Put lighter items on top.
  • Remain alert to vertical stability to be able to remove some items later.

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